Cat Hotel

A well-deserved vacation for you and your cat!

  • Is your cat looking for a hotel…
  • With a beautiful, spacious room with a fantastic private view?
  • With a beautiful, spacious room where it feels right at home?
  • With a lovely garden where it can romp around 24/7?
  • Where staff is considerate of dietary wishes?
  • With an excellent service with a focus on personal attention?

Then Cats Only cat hotel is the place to be!

When your cat has a great time in your absence, you will also be able to enjoy your vacation fully! I will keep you posted during the vacation on all the fun your beloved cat is having via Whatsapp; sounds good right?

You can book Cats Only cat hotel during vacations, moving house, house renovations or a long-term stay abroad or in the hospital. Inquire about the possibilities.


Edward | Dec. 2018

'This place is so adorable! It looked super clean. Wendy and her attendant were super nice and understanding! They sure run this hotel by heart. It was nice to receive updates on our cat with videos and photos! One of my favorite things was the fact that the place is cleansed from other cats’ scents as much. My cat usually gets stressed with other cats’ scents but I could tell there was none it was perfectly cleaned! Every cat gets their own room; it looked like a 5 star vacation! I am happy to continue dropping him off here when I need to! – Domestic Shorthair Edward by – Selin Kelly from Wijchen (GE)

Blair & Amalia | Aug. 2018

'When our oldest cat, Amelia, was put on medication for her heart murmur we knew this meant we would need to change from the normal arrangements we made for when we would go away to something more formal. This combined with the arrival of our youngest cat Blair, a rescue who is incredibly shy, meant we started looking for a cattery. We were horrified to find every place we came across was of the "throw them all together" variety. Luckily, we found Wendy and Cats Only. One visit was all we needed to know that this was the place and person we wanted looking after our cats. Wendy has been excellent in understanding all of our (and the cats) needs. She provides wonderful care and the individual rooms keep Blair and Amelia feeling as comfortable as they can outside of their home environment. No request is too much for Wendy and she doesn't even bat an eyelid when we unload toys, blankets, baskets, and a cat tree from the car. As worried cat owners, we also appreciate the regular updates and photos. All in all, we are super happy to have a place for the cats to go to when we are away for long(er) periods of time, where we know Amelia and Blair will be looked after in a caring and personal way.' – HTK Blair & Amalia by – Heather Tucker from Rotterdam (Zuid Holland)


Why is your cat in good hands at Cats Only cat hotel?

Cats Only cat hotel is a small-scale hotel and has eight exclusive rooms. The environment is very calm, with a lot of personal attention for the animals and a focus on personal contact. What more does your cat want?

An individual space for your cat(s)
All guests have their own, individual hotel room in the Cats Only cat hotel. The rooms have a spacious set up (2m X 2m X 2.5m) so there is more than enough space for all necessary cat gear. The rooms can be interconnected with each other, in case you want to book rooms for multiple cats.

24/7 access to an individual cat garden
At Cats Only your cat has its own room with 24/7 access to a garden. There are two types of gardens available, varying between 4m2 to 10m2. All gardens are fully closed-off and partially covered, so that your cat can always play outside, no matter the weather!

No views of other cats
The rooms and the gardens at the Cats Only cat hotel are separated by solid partitions. That way, hotel guests who are unfamiliar with each other can’t make any contact. This reduces stress and prevents the spread of disease.

Beautiful views ensure many distractions
Cats Only cat hotel is situated in a rural area, guaranteeing beautiful, unobstructed views of nature. This will give your cat a lot of distraction. The windows with views on the cat garden allow for your cat to spot birds and other wildlife. The windows in the internal door have nice views on the central corridor.

Many options to climb, lay down and hide
While designing the rooms and gardens of the Cats Only cat hotel, I placed a lot of shelves and sills for the guests to climb and clamber on. I also thought of spots for them to lay down or hide, to make sure your cat can lounge comfortably. Just like they would at home.   

Bringing your own belongings and food is preferred
Create a homely feeling for your cat immediately upon arrival in our Cats Only cat hotel! I advise you to bring as many belongings with familiar scents from home as possible. Think of rugs, baskets, boxes, toys, litter boxes and if possible cardboard scratching posts or trees. But you’re also allowed to bring food and water bowls, familiar food or even litter boxes with filling from home. The more familiar scents, the sooner the cat will feel at home.

Diet, medication or special care is not a problem
Is your cat on a special diet, or simply need extra care? No problem. Cats Only cat hotel happily contributes to any solution.

Professional Care
Cats are masters in hiding discomfort or pain. Due to my extensive knowledge about cats, and through close contact with your cat, I am capable to intervene at an early stage and to provide professional care if a problem occurs during the stay at the Cats Only cat hotel.

No bridge is too far
No request is too strange for us at the Cats Only cat hotel. Does your cat get a saucer with fresh milk every morning? Then it will also get it in our hotel. Or perhaps it is used to some wet food in the evening? That is possible as well. All you need to do is ask!

Whatsapp connects you to your cat during your vacation
Of course you will miss your cat during your vacation, renovation or while moving house. Luckily, the mobile age makes it extremely easy for us to take away a piece of that discomfort. I will keep you posted with a photo or video using Whatsapp. 

At Cats-Only your cat is in good hands!